DOD Whistleblower Updates
This website will be to update the general public on whistleblowers who spoke out to protect our nation
 "This website is not about celebrity whistleblowers who got massive press exposure for their acts of conscious but about those of us that fought to communicate a message of wrongdoing & were ignored by the mainstream media. Please read about men and women who spoke to protect your freedom & to protect our great country..."   Sharyn Bovat 

Snowden-Manning for this website are classified celebrity whistleblower's in a Chicago suburb 95% of people questioned never heard of John Kiriakou.

This website is under construction if you have any tips of suggestions please call me:    Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

COMING SOON updates on whistleblowers. Together we'll make sure those that speak out for America are protected & respected.

Praising political leaders who help whistleblowers & exposing those members of congress that don't


Valerie Hoermann

Dan Meyer 

Sharyn Bovat

Energy/Nuclear Whistleblowers

Donna Busche

Ann Harris

James Doyle

Shelly Doss

Resources for Whistleblowers

This list does not include IGO's. If possible please consider them your 1st resource. 

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Protection Legislation & Capital Hill Updates

Senator Chuck Grassley (R)

Web Hosting Companies